Our Civic Space

Our Civic Space is a platform for youth workers which brings together best practices, examples, case studies and other forms of knowledge and experiences related to civic space and youth. It also invites you to share your own experiences and thoughts about this topic and it aspires to bring likeminded people together and start new initiatives.

A youth civic space enables young people – aged 15 to 29 –  to have the freedom to assemble, express, develop themselves and make decisions concerning their lives and society.

The Stories

These are our stories, which we update weekly. They can vary from a best practice somewhere in the world to an activity from one of our partners in their country. The main aim is to show possibilities and practical examples on how to treasure and improve civic spaces for and with youth.

Football for Unity 2560 1706 our civic space

Football for Unity

Football for Unity The Football for Unity programme of Oltalom Sport Association (OSA), supported by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union, the Berlin-based Streetfootball world and…

The Femtalks Forum 1600 1066 our civic space

The Femtalks Forum

The Femtalks Forum Theatre activities and Digital Storytelling to Empower Migrant Women, Foster Social Inclusion and Change narratives FemTalks Forum aims to combine different training methodologies into a single highly…

Reforming the Romanian Ministry of Youth 750 500 our civic space

Reforming the Romanian Ministry of Youth

Reforming the Romanian Ministry of Youth “Belonging to a big civic space gives to youth NGOs the context, opportunity and the most important, the right to propose ideas for the…

Our goal

Counter the shrinking trend on civic space in Europe by creating awareness for the problem and enriching youth workers with hands-on knowledge in order to increase youth-led civic spaces and inspire youth to become agents of their own life and social change!

Days to keep an eye on

These are some interesting days related to civic space. If you want to learn more about specific days or events, just click on the name of the specific day!

Equal Pay Day


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