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Stopping Bullying: ICDI gives children a voice

Stopping Bullying: ICDI gives children a voice 1024 576 our civic space

Stopping Bullying: ICDI gives children a voice

On the National Day against Bullying (on 19 April) attention is paid in the Netherlands to bullying in schools, sports clubs and other places where children come together.

In the Netherlands, approximately one out of ten children in primary school is bullied. Bullying is a painful experience and inevitably affects the complete development of children. From stress, anxiety, sleep problems to suicide attempts: the consequences can be very serious. Bullying in schools happens everywhere. Although children are always affected, their perspective is rarely present in anti-bullying programmes.

Therefore, in 2016, ICDI participated in a project that aimed to involve children in preventing bullying and in creating a safe environment at school in a participatory and empowering way. The project addressed bullying at many levels: individual, school and local community. Children, together with their teachers, as well as child-care workers and policy maker were targeted.

In a booklet the child perspective on bullying was presented. Children were asked to share their views, what they feel and think and what their fears and expectations are about safety at school. Together with the help of their teachers, a sustainable approach was created, applicable in the everyday work against school violence or, as children themselves said, “to have tools that we can fix with”.

Read the booklet here:  LISTEN! What children have to tell us about bullying and safety at school

Written by ICDI